Superman Cake Tutorial

superman final wide

A must have birthday cake for any fan!


Note: You can also get a white fondant and mix icing colors to make your desired colors


1. Cover the 9″ frosted cake with blue fondant

2. Take the leftover cake and cut it in superman logo shape. Cover it with yellow fondant. Put some icing on the blue cake and place the yellow logo shaped cake on top

3. Print the superman logo and cut the red part with an X-acto knife. Then place it on the rolled red fondant and cut the outline carefully. Put some water on back of it and place it on the top of yellow fondant.Superman_logo template

4. Cover the cake board with red fondant

5 a) Cut a long wide stripe with yellow fondant to make the belt. Cut 3 small rectangles for belt loops with red fondant. To make the buckle, cut a small circle with the yellow fondant. Put all of them in place with some water

5 b) Using tip#2 make a line around the yellow logo shaped cake with the black icing 

6. Place the superman figure as desired

Optional: Poke a hole in the right hand of the figure and push the candle holder in place  

superman steps


“What if a child dreams of becoming something other than what the society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?”


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